Simão is an alleged real human being emanating from Oporto and trying really hard not to bother anyone, not to bore anyone, to fly under life’s radar and avoid the grenades thrown by kindred spirits with a penchant for making him write about what makes him utterly afraid of everything other than staying in bed under the covers. Instead, he feels a commitment towards life’s stories and its many ways of revealing themselves and is dedicated to catching them all, through journalism or other kinds of storytelling.


What emotion do you believe is underrated?   “You need despair to win. You need to let it wash over you and stay long enough for it to become a tool. You need to let it tie itself to the hope you thought was now lost. That’s how you win. That’s how you beat them….

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It might not be like you’ve imagined before. You’ve probably put it in the same clichéd basket you normally put the rest of the spiritual crap, or maybe you think instead this kind of thing is meant to be saved for the moments right before you leave this world. Either way, what I saw was…

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