Berlin is controversial.
It’s big, messy and dirty.
But it’s also full of life, art, and History.

Berlin is bittersweet.
It’s dark, but enlightening.
It is haunted by the ghosts of the past, but lives reinless in the present.

It’s creation, and it’s destruction.
New constructions and bombed buildings.
The skyscrapers in Potsdamer Platz and the abandoned factories along the Spree.

It’s the posh West and the alternative East.
The old trabis and the new BMWs.
It’s the youth living in the ruins of the war.
It’s a baby on the front of every bicycle and a museum in every corner.

Berlin is contradictory.
It’s the 17 initiatives for the refugees at the Migration Hub, and the 94 seats for the right-wing extremists at the Bundestag.
The shame of the defeated Nazis and the guilt for the expelled Jews.

It’s the Turks in X-berg and the expats in P-Berg.
A kebab for lunch and a schnitzel for dinner.

It’s black. All black.
And it’s black & white on the Photoautomat photos.

At night, it is the darkness in the streets and the lights in the clubs.
At dawn, light in the streets and dark in the clubs.

It is the sunrise at 4 am in July and the sunset at 4 pm in January.
The sunny summer and the snowy winter.
Cold outside and warm inside.

It’s authenticity and gentrification.
Flea markets and tech start-ups.
The homeless and the entrepreneurs.

It’s tattoos on skin and graffiti on concrete.
Berghain on Saturday and Mauerpark on Sunday.
After-work beers and mid-morning Club Mates.

It inhales party and exhales hangover.
The better the party, the worse the hangover.

It’s the city of queer, drag, trans, gay, straight, and everything in between.
It’s sex, drugs & techno.
And it’s also vegan, organic, and yogi.

Berlin is all of this. At the same time. In the same place.
In this city, there are no opposites – there are just contrasts.

It is the place where anything is possible, and everything is accepted.
Where you feel like you can do anything, but leave feeling like you’ve done nothing.

Berlin makes you feel alive. And numb. At the same time.
Like a drug.

Berlin is a drug.

It’s easy to get addicted to its liberty and get lost.

And it is controversial – because it gives you 2 options:
Stay lost,
or be found.



Fascinated by humans, the moon, and the unknown. Energized by upbeat music, warm tea, and meaningful conversations. Crazy about the sound of the piano, the smell of the ocean, and the taste of dark chocolate. Eternal student, dedicated friend, and aspirant writer. Seeking Truth, Freedom, and Justice. On a quest to find the best version of myself, and empowering others to do the same along the way.


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  1. belo texto qual soneto de rimas sem o ser. Verdadeiro menu de 5 sentidos lindamente processados pela bright mind da M. que abriu as vigias e recolheu o imenso e o ínfimo que a cidade sempre renascida lhe/nos deu.
    e generosa, como sempre, guiou-nos de novo pelos seus encantos e aqui partilha connosco a tatuagem emocional que a magnífica Berlim lhe gravou na almita.
    Não foi Berlim que partilhou. Foi a M. em Berlim.
    gostei muito, eu que até não sou fã de bolinhas de berlim mas sou fã da M.

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