Estoril, 29th May 2017. A full auditorium is listening to a panel of 5 Nobel Peace Prizes at the Estoril Conferences. At the back of the room, a few dozens of military youth in their impeccable uniforms are confronted by a passionate panelist who yells: “We have to stop glorifying war. War is not glorious….


I watched Titus give a talk at the “Innovation Knows No Borders” conference at the Migration Hub, in Berlin, last September. With a spark in his eyes, he started by recalling how he and a group of young Europeans had decided to take it upon themselves to rescue refugees and migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean…


In 2013, Puneh Ala’i snuck inside of Syria, walking into a war zone with a backpack full of crayons and coloring books. She risked her own life to bring a bit of love and hope to those she felt were unseen, to show that someone cared. After that life-changing trip, she vowed to dedicate her…