I just came back from an amazing trip with two of the most important people in my life. We lived. Relentlessly. Vividly. The only thing my mother asked was for me to get some sleep during this time off. And that was the only thing I did not do.

We poured Tequila in more than 100 people’s mouth in a Mexican restaurant. We asked the DJ to play one more song at least four times, whilst the managers desperately tried to shut down the nightclub.

I hugged people simply because I wanted to. I was covered in sweat, but nobody gave a fuck. Everyone was too busy living.

I know very little. I am not that experienced either as I always lived an easy life. I got to pick my fights, a luxury that the vast majority of people can’t afford. But I did learn one thing: people, when together, can be amazing. If you stripped out judgment and interests, and gave everyone the chance to be with complete strangers, what would people really do? How would they really walk through the journey of life? Would we actually give a fuck? Wouldn’t we all go back to being kids and focus on doing what we love?

See, as a young man, I feel that youth is much more a state of mind than an age-related trait. I also feel that as we grow up we tend to forget that we’re all still kids. From the moment we’re born to the one when we die. Keeping that kid alive will help you appreciate the life you have. And I know that that is not easy… growing up is scary, honestly. Our baggage grows every day, gets heavier. We get more complicated, stressed, control freaks. Our experience sets us standards, expectations that, if not matched by reality, undermine our state of happiness. I’m still young and I’ve already been there. But we need to make sure the kid with no expectations, who has yet to see the world, who has yet to find himself, stays alive.

For me, the solution so far has been putting things in perspective, knowing what, at the end of the day, really, truly matters.

Family always first. Nurture your relationships. Money is just a vehicle. Take care of your body, as we cannot exist outside of it. Find enjoyment in the process. Explore.

These six blocks have helped me pause the madness, take a step back and see things clearly. These six areas have helped me keep the kid alive. The kid who always cries a bit when he leaves his mom. The kid who’s still in love with the same high school girl. The kid who just needed enough money for a bag of Doritos, 2L of Coca-Cola and his best friends with him. The kid who loves a good night out. The kid that wants to change the world and dares to have fun while doing it.

Make sure you go out from time to time. Make sure you try to kiss that girl. Make sure you skydive. Make sure you occasionally get drunk. Make sure you get rejected. Make sure you’re active. Make sure you understand that no one should be more incentivized than you to live a happy life.

Time is limited and, at the end of the journey, no one will give a fuck… so why worry so much?


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I've seen a bit. But I want a lot, all of it, so that if I ever go blind, my eyes will be in peace. I've read a bit. But I want a lot, all of it, so that if I ever lose my mind, my brain will be in peace. I've loved a bit. But I want a lot, all of it, so that if I ever lose her, my heart will be in peace. I practice moderation, but I don't believe in it. I'm here to exaggerate. To say that I'm sorry and learn from it. I want to be forged in the heat of pain, so that one day, I'll be able to reward happiness with the recognition it deserves. I'm here to consume you. Everything that you have to offer. The madness, the laughs, the drama. I want to make what's yours mine. The pain, the love, everything. I'll dive into your mind without knowing how to swim. So that if I ever drown, my soul will be in peace.


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