chalked with sun dust
spinning smiles
reflected on their filed teeth the melody of the past.
their fangs grew at dusk
selfish desire
pierced their dehydrated lips and exposed new powers.

think of their claws, dipped in molasses
dripping sauces or
of their tongues caressing the ether
grazing egos and
sanding their gyri.
look at their hooves, drenched in glucose
tastes like raspberry, blackberry, blueberry
gazes like chokeberries.
touch their electric fur, dyed with sin.
laugh at their incoherence.

they woke up shivering.

their glasses clinked, cracked
fed the soil submerged in the bodies they stole.
they drank indifferent mornings
blended with challenging stories
and argued with imaginary pillows.
how cliché.
hyperactive dendrites, branched thoughts and unreachable bubbles
their spines like flagstaffs, stiff
erected while birds read poems
trembled with sensual curiosity.
the breeze embellished with powdered flames
their chins pointed north.

think again of their robust fingers,
hoping their unseen skins
dance around their twitching limbs,
hoping they asphyxiate with uncontrollable pleasure.
maybe their amputated paws could grow smoother feathers.
goosebumps, caves and the glitter of novelty
sense the tension of unprecedented disappointment. 

this is not true!

spitting out words they can’t grasp
they drew worlds on each other’s faces
it didn’t matter if they matched.
they inhaled sweetened cocoa
coughed reality
and laid on a bed of cloves that penetrated their flesh like stakes.
perfumed desire
their eyes rested.

useless truth, merciless
erase the words hidden in this fissure!




María spaces out. A lot. She’s inspired by impractical objects, bored commuters, and the sun. She’ll embroider your shirt and stuff you with creamy food. She loves discovering parallel universes, telling stories in the dark and capelettini.


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