A few years ago, I was in college feeling exactly as you probably do today: I had no idea why I was there, why I was learning Algebra, and what I should do in the future.

I always heard people say that life was hard, money was not easy to make, and that I should make safe choices. But I didn’t buy that! There’s always people that take risky choices, never worry about money, and have a lot of fun at work. I wanted that for my life! And I know you want it too.

Back then, I had the confidence to question the status quo, to drop out of college and start my own business.

And, with a lot of hard work, my team and I have made it happen! Now I can see clearly what the main thing that made the difference for my company, and for me personally, was. And that’s what I want to share with you.


The goal in life is always to add value. The more a company adds value to its customers, the more value (€) it will get in return. It’s the law of reciprocity – you give something, you get something in return.

The same applies to you as a person.

Your worth is directly proportional to the amount of value you can add.

The more value you provide, the more you will get in return.

Think about it: your worth and the money you make depend on how much value you can provide to society. In your professional life – and your personal life as well – if you’re focused on pleasing yourself, you’re not getting anywhere.

As Tony Robbins wisely puts it “Life is not about “me”, it’s about “we”!”.

Serving others, adding more value to their lives than anyone else can, should be your ultimate goal. If it’s not yours, it will be someone else’s.

“So, if everything is about adding value and serving others, how can I add more value than all of the other people that are trying to do the same?”, you may ask.

Here’s the problem.

Our educational system has become a factory that is producing more human commodities every year.

A commodity is a basic good, with little differentiation. In business, commodities like toilet paper, coffee beans, or gas, have no way to differentiate, and so they compete on price. Human beings are no different!

As an entrepreneur, I receive job applications all the time, so it’s pretty clear to me the existence of the commoditization of people. Everyone is the same! Same degree, same internship, same everything. Even doing Erasmus or volunteering is commonplace nowadays! And trust me, it’s not your grades that will make you stand out. Commodities compete on price, so guess where you’ll compete…

The only way you’ll stand out from the crowd, is by being different.

And the best way to be different is to simply be yourself.

If you ever go snorkeling or go to an oceanarium, you’ll find yourself always looking for the most bizarre or colorful fish. The regular fish in the shoal are simply boring to watch! Recruiters are no different. Customers are no different. We’re always looking for something unique! The only way you’ll stand out from the crowd is by having different skills, by having different experiences, and by betting on what makes you special, unique, one of a kind.

The most dangerous decision you can make today is to follow and merge into the crowd.

If you want to be both happy and successful, you have to go all in on what makes you unique. It’s the only way to really win at life! It’s easy to follow the regular path, but easy will not lead you where you want to go.

I know it can be scary to go for the road less traveled. But let me tell you a secret – there’s no traffic there!


I’m in love with life. I’m on a journey to master it, in a passionate and relentless way. I won't settle for less than an extraordinary experience on this planet. I want to feel everything, travel everywhere and touch everyone. I’m in love with growth, and I’ll do whatever it takes to be the best version of myself. I’m in love with people. Everything that I learn, I’ll give it away to help other human beings achieve their highest potential. We all have a special gift, but most of us never discover it. Most of us settle. Most of us don’t go for everything. My mission is to change that. I’m going for all, for all of it, and I'm here to make sure that everyone I meet will make the most out of their lives too.


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