rain, come, fall

in this desert that happened

string naked the clouds

teach us to drop

the leaves the tears the luggage

words and sorrows

those that weigh

with no more validity and utility

with no further message.


teach us to let go of what is no longer ours

the now that was and is no longer

what is out of our time

transform it into powder and water

leaving only the essential

the mystery that we recognize our own.


Rain that cries

let the river of your tears rise

flow falling washing the air

clearing the paths

from heaven to earth

until it dissolves

in the sweet and salty sea

in the awareness of existing navigating.


rain, before you, we wait for you

Come, fall, refresh us

through you, we renew ourselves;

rain that is raining,

teaches us to exhale, to lose,

to not know, to die …


rain rain,

just raining you, rain waiting to rain

we open the space of life to life itself

we give the nest of light to the water

for the new inspiration to be born.


Rain, come, fall.

let’s give ourselves back together

to the place of love that fertilizes

to the womb from which we are born


and were.

Mariana Guimarães

I am moved by the possibility of surrendering to and co-creating the miracles of each moment. Waking up to the mystery and allowing the flow to give birth to what is essential. Navigating through silence and connection. Doing, moving, relating, dancing, singing, being present, staying still, letting go, and choosing, teach me how to be. I observe the deepness and sacredness of nature, of ourselves. I love. The immensity of Life drives me to live fully and create beauty with what is truly vibrating from within.


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