They all want me
except you.
Why can’t you look at me
like they do?

They all say
my kisses are the best.
How could you resist them
with my body pressed against your chest?

You said you missed me
and kissed me on the forehead,
But you didn’t want
to have me in your bed.

You pulled me towards you,
then pushed me away.
If you wanted me to go,
why did you ask me to stay?

And then in my sleep,
your face was all over my dream.
While (y)our friendship grounds me,
your rejection wrecks my self-esteem.

If one day you decide
to come back for me,
Odds are my love will no longer
be what it used to be.

Other love(r)s will come,
to other cities I’ll call home.
When I’m back I hope I won’t find you
still sitting there alone.

Maybe if we had tried,
if my kiss hadn’t been denied,
in the end I would’ve cried
and soon my love would’ve died.

But until your lips
kiss mine back;
Until you give me
the answers I lack,

How can I know
if I like the taste,
Or if what I crave for
is really your embrace?

Maybe I’m nothing
but a wounded ego
Who cannot accept
a no.

In any case
I ask you:
Let me go.

Stop playing with me.
It’s about time
You set me free.


Fascinated by humans, the moon, and the unknown. Energized by upbeat music, warm tea, and meaningful conversations. Crazy about the sound of the piano, the smell of the ocean, and the taste of dark chocolate. Eternal student, dedicated friend, and aspirant writer. Seeking Truth, Freedom, and Justice. On a quest to find the best version of myself, and empowering others to do the same along the way.


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