Why is it sometimes so hard to simply say what we are feeling out loud?

Inside we are thinking, we are feeling, we are breathing into what it is that is limiting us,

But we constrain ourselves from expressing it.


We allow ourselves to move through motions of confusion,

As we have become so used to doubting our own intuition,

Doubting our own nature,

Doubting our own truths,

Not tuned to the song of our soul.

Muffling the calls that she makes,

In fear of the wrath of society’s walls.


With time it becomes clear that something is deeply wrong.

Yet we choose not to look in ‘that’ direction.

We choose not to see ‘it’,

Not to feel ‘it’,

Although, of course, we are victims of ‘it’.

This information is not convenient to receive,

Nor is it convenient information to deliver.


We prefer not to know.


And so we become victims of our own demise.

Unable to feel ourselves,

Unable to hear ourselves,

Unable to see ourselves.


Eventually suffocating,

Unable to breathe.


And as a result,

We fall into old patterns of self-sabotage,

A method we’ve come so used to using.


We do it because we aren’t able to listen to what’s really going on inside our minds, 

And so we use our bodies to communicate and do the yelling for us.

They begin to act 

and lead by example.


Suddenly, our self-discipline is out the door.

We’re eating the things we committed ourselves not to, 

We’re doing the things we promised we’d stop doing,

We’re thinking the things and reacting in ways we do not recognize.

Until hopefully,

If we are lucky,

We come to notice what it is that is truly going on


Speak our minds.


This is the moment we speak what is radically present out loud.

First to ourselves,  

Then if we can muster up the courage, we speak it to others. 


But first, we must unshackle ourselves from the chains that we put upon ourselves

Before we can help others do the same.


We lead by example.


And the first step is through radically being honest with ourselves.


To create is to bleed what lives within me. A mission to remove obstacles, borders and separation between human beings, nature, other creatures and the places we co-inhabit through a language we can all understand - art. Using a method we all have access to, being. Being is the ultimate art form.

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