Growing up, I had a lot of friends. I was lucky enough to have people around me that filled in the holes that would have otherwise stayed empty forever.

With my friends, I learned to share. I learned to trust and to be selfless. Each of them is important, and each of them has a special place of their own within me.

They are the ones that, along with my family, make me push harder and harder after every turn.

They are the ones that make me do the things I know I must do, but sometimes don’t want to.

They are the ones I look up to, and the ones I want to make most proud.

True friends are, indeed, a privilege to have. I believe they shouldn’t be taken for granted. True friends are the ones we can use and abuse. They are the ones that we don’t need to ask for permission when we need to get stuff out of our chest and turn them into our own personal shrinks.

True friends don’t put a lock on their doors. They keep them wide open. 24/7.

However, different friends occupy different places in one’s life. Some will, certainly, last forever. Others, unfortunately, will be lost along the way. That’s just life.

In my case, I am only certain that one of them will be for life – it is my oldest friend, and I am sure that we will still be together when we’re laid to rest on the bottom of our graves.

Ever since I can remember, we’ve been together. We went to kindergarten together, we went through the first grade’s classroom door holding hands, and we crossed the university finish line at the exact same time. All the good and bad moments I’ve been through in life, we were together. Always.

But somehow, I just recently realized how important this person is to me, and how important I am in return. Before, I didn’t understand how much this person gave me, I didn’t realize how much she wanted me well, and put in all her efforts for me to succeed and be an extraordinary human being.

I would dare to say that this is what true love is all about: an undeniable wish to make the other person exceed herself every single day;

not being afraid to tell the other when she is not behaving or thinking right; proudly praising the other; and lastly, always being there to support and assure that she doesn’t fall back when life hits her in the chest.

It was only then, only when I saw how much this person loved me and wanted me to be great, that I started to see the same in her. It was like looking straight into the mirror and seeing the exact same thing. It was like, suddenly, all this person wanted for me matched everything I had ever wanted for her as well.

And so, I did it – I made a contract for life. I made a vow, and I proposed.

Fortunately, I heard a yes in return. A sober and committed yes. One small word, representing the biggest commitment of all.

And when I pushed the ring, with its deep blue turquoise gem shining in the late July sunlight, I vowed that I would never fail to love, support or applaud this person. I vowed to be hard in the hard moments – because this world is not made for soft people – but also to be as gentle as a lover can possibly be.

I vowed to never back down from the challenge of making this person the best possible version of himself, whilst committing to always be humble to accept each fault that might exist.

I vowed that, as we had been together since the day we were born, together we would stay, until our final breath. To this person, I committed my life, knowing I would have the same in return.

For this person, I would die, and it is for this person that I shall live.

And it has been since then, since that sunny Sunday in July, in which the sun shined brighter than ever, that I have proudly carried the blue turquoise ring on my own finger.


Rodrigo Castro

An engineer who found his craft in people, I'm nonconformist and seekful, with a tendency to procrastinate. Ever-seeking for opportunities to become the better version of oneself, I'm a pessimist that always looks at life from an optimistic point of view. A believer in axioms and a denier of absolute truths, I'm a traveler that finds comfort in family and discomfort where they are. An existentialist in the making, I'm craving my path into building something great.



  1. Rodrigo, tão lindamente escrito ! Obrigada

    1. Muito obrigado Mariana. Espero que continues a seguir e partilhes.

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